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how to buy your first rental property AND Cashflow in todays high interest rate environment
... and copy the Exact Step-By-Step Blueprint that I Used to Purchase Over $45,000,000 Worth of Rentals.
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What You're Going to Learn:
  • ​"How to get your first rental property without using your own money” taught by an investor who’s purchased over $45 million in real estate
  • Exactly what to look for to uncover the best deals. Only expert investors know this…
  • ​Every document and process you’ll need to be aware of in purchasing your first property
  • ​The latest market trends in 2023 so you maximize profit and secure only the best investments
Host: Sam Primm
Full time Real Estate Investor and Coach. 

√ 45 Million Dollar Rental Portfolio
√ 12 Million of that added in the past 7 months
√  300+ Houses Flipped Every Year
√ Over 2.1 M followers across his social platforms 
√ Coached over a thousand students to become Financially Free Investors! 

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“The biggest thing is being able to ask questions and learn from other people’s mistakes. That way I don’t have to make those same mistakes in my business! I really feel like FasterFreedom does everything they can to help me be successful.” 
"I was TERRIFIED of doing my first deal. I must have watched and re-watched the mentorship videos a hundred times. Only when I found the courage to do my first deal did I really see what these guys were talking about. Learn the material and trust the process!"
As an experienced investor and landlord, I was skeptical about the value of CoRP Mentorship. But Wow! I was blown away by the content and expertise in the resources and videos. Thanks guys! This has really helped me take my game to the next level."
“The CoRP Mentorship was TREMENDOUS in helping me build on the rental portfolio I already had. The perspectives, tips and tricks saved me a ton of money and SO much time! Thank you, FasterFreedom!”
“I love being able to ask questions and get feedback – I also love the tips and tricks that help you take it to the next level. The content is very actionable, especially when you’re trying to upgrade your systems and processes.”
“Here’s what I love about College of Rental Portfolio Mentorship – there’s a lot of big AHA moments but there are a ton of little AHA moments that really help me make my business run quicker, better, more efficient and helps us avoid mistakes."
  Reserve Your Seat Before We Fill Up! There Will Be NO REPLAYS...
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